Essay on importance of nature in human life

He used all the resources in the nature to live and survive. Sciencing Video Vault Animals As Companions Unlike the performance of specific tasks, an animal's value as a companion might be more difficult to measure.

We should not destroy the originality of the nature and should not imbalance the ecosystem cycle. Spongebob word essay episode 3 word essay memes. Nature Essay 6 words Nature is the natural environment which surrounds us, cares us and nourishes us every moment.

There is hefty fine it is found that you mixed it. So city environments are highly polluted and unsafe for living. The minerals and metals that we need to build everything from cell phones to wind turbines are all mined from the earth, where they occur naturally.

Flowers play an important role in making the life of a human being more cheerful and happy.

Nature Essay

We can enjoy the sweet sound and scenery of the nature if we peacefully sit in the early morning in the garden. Rising global warming and climate change has become a reality, warning us to pull our act together while there is still time.

Their material is used for making beverages like wine, beer, etc. This is proven every time a natural calamity strikes- be it a hurricane, a tsunami, or an earthquake. Our mood also gets changed according to the nature such as happy and hopeful at sun shine, rainy season and spring season. But we cannot just leave it to the government, it has to be a government-citizen campaign.

They consume carbon dioxide and release oxygen during photosynthesis. Without plants, there can be no life on earth. Tulip The tulip is a perennial, bulbous plant with showy flowers in the genus Tulipa, of which around 75 wild species are currently accepted and which belongs to the family Liliaceae.

Nature gives us food to eat, water to drink and wood to build houses, so, it is not just trees and rivers we are talking about. Their presence is inevitable for clean air, food, and water in this world.

Plants impart greenery to the atmosphere, they help reduce heat and prevent drying up of moisture. By cutting trees we are indirectly reducing the level of oxygen from the atmosphere.

In every food chain, the plants occupy the first position and lead the chain as a source of food. In order to keep ecosystem in balance we should not cut trees, forests, practice energy and water conservation and many more. Our God has created a beautiful nature for the healthy living of us.

Nature Essay 4 words Nature is the most precious and valuable gift to us from the God to live our life here on the earth. Many terrestrial animals eat that plastic that we humans have thrown and often this plastic get choked into them and they die.

The coal and oil reserves are created out of deposits of fossilized plants and animals, proving that nature keeps on giving even after it is long dead. When these plastics get mixed with water many aquatic animals get affected.But one need not be religious to understand the importance of nature to the human spirit: one only need spend time alone in a shadowy forest, sit on a forgotten beach, touch the spine of a living.

Importance Of Nature In Human Life Search. Search Results. Do You Believe That Technology Simplifies And Sometimes Complicates Human Life?

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Importance of Plants in nature.

Our Role and Relationship With Nature

Cutting down plants also imbalance the environment which will indirectly affect human life. See→Importance of Environment.

14 Importance of Plants in our Life: Their role on the Earth

1. They form the starting point of food chains: hello this essay helps me write my biospecting paper. thanks, i like what you do. Sam says. January 28, at pm. But one need not be religious to understand the importance of nature to the human spirit: one only need spend time alone in a shadowy forest, sit on a forgotten beach, touch the spine of a living.

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Essay on importance of nature in human life
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