Essay on role of media in the pakistan election 2013 in urdu

Over advertisements in newspapers, TV channels, Radio stations have significantly increased the consumerism. Palestine issue, war brutalities in Bosnia, Kashmir issue gained focus from international community due to role of media.

When an elector presents himself at the polling station to vote, the Presiding Officer shall issue a ballot paper to the elector after satisfying himself about the identity of the elector through his identity card. Despite the vows about keeping the tax-evaders, bank defaulters and land mafia out of the election process, they have been allowed to participate in the elections, which is a big question mark on the ECP and even the judiciary.

Such efforts should include a public commitment to neutrality and respect for the electoral processes, coupled with support for an international observation mission. Electoral returning officer Ikramur Rehman upheld the objections by his rivals.

Current media has proved that it is the fourth pillar of a democratic state by exposing the issues of accountability and good governance. On the other hand, the people of Pakistan are passing through the harrowing experiences they never did before in their lifetimes.

Media performs very important functions in the society. Media also provides information about markets and investment friendly regions. Immediately after the close of the poll votes are counted at the polling stations by the Presiding Officers in presence of the candidates, their Election Agents, and Polling Agents.

Elections in Pakistan

For this reason a coding sheet has been developed including placement of campaign item, pictures of politicians, type of campaign, issues addressed etc. Balochistan was the province where LB Template: On other hand it created panic and insecurity among one stratum of society.

Since the election for both National and Provincial Assemblies constituencies are held on the same day, the voter is issued two separate ballot papers for each National Assembly and Provincial Assembly constituency.

Support based on household income On average, approximately a third of those earning up to 30, rupees each month indicated a preference for the Pakistan Peoples Party whereas, among those earning more than 30, rupees, support for the party dropped to To determine the content of print ads.

It helps the countries to promote their products and soft Image of their country to bring investment. The list of polling stations is prepared by the Returning Officers and approved by the District Returning Officer. Media is a great source of entertainment. The Constitution grants right to both men and women to run for the presidency as it states that a presidential candidate, a Muslimnot less than 45 years of age, and a Member of the National Assembly, can contest the Presidential election.

Senior Pakistani Political analyst Najam Sethi said, Nawaz Sharif held public meetings and rallies in every nook and corner of the country while Shahbaz Sharif completed development projects in Punjab which attracted politicians from the other parties.

Which shows that they heavily invested in advertisement campaigns. New RightCentre-rightand Conservatism in Pakistan The Pakistan Muslim Leaguea centre-right conservative party, began its campaign on terminating the energy conservation crisesand also issues involving national securityeconomic developmenthigher educationimmigrationand taxation reforms.

Members of Union Council including Union Administrator and Vice Union Administrator are elected through direct elections based on adult franchise and on the basis of joint electorate.

The electoral college is composed of elected senatorsmembers of the national and provincial assemblies. Hilal was a part of the Afghan Hich Peace Council and was organising a meeting of Afghan and Pakistani religious scholars to oppose militancy.

Media performs as watchdog of government and stops the government when it goes against public will. Most frequently, they publish stories to get short term popularity but it also followed numerous apologetic notes.

It would not be wrong to say that media is playing vital role to keep the society balance.MOHAMMAD JAMILThis is the first time in the history of Pakistan that elections are being The question is what sort of role media should Election.

On May 11, elections held in Pakistan where media specially, print media played a vital role in setting different agendas for changing the behaviors of voters.

Durin g election.

Elections in Pakistan

Essay On Election In Pakistan. Whilst the tenure of a democratically elected government comes to an end, political parties in Pakistan are gearing up for all significant parties have ruled the country one way or the other during the past five years. The Election Commission of Pakistan draws the attention of all enlisted Political Parties towards Section of the Election Act, Eligibility of party to obtain election symbol Press Release General Elections - Meeting with Chief Secretarys in connection with the upcoming General Elections Role of media in Pakistan cannot be neglected; Pakistani media relates dramas, movies, sports, Media has played very important role in reshaping.

Free Essays on Pakistan In Urdu Essay. Role Of Media In Pakistan WAAR MOVIE “WAAR” is an action movie produced in pakistan which was released in

Essay on role of media in the pakistan election 2013 in urdu
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