Poverty in africa research paper

Essay writing about facebook hobby cricket. More needs to be done by African countries to combat the numerous causes of poverty which have been identified on the continent. Conflicts in Africa are mostly ethnic in nature and more often internal than external.

But oil is both an advantage and hindrance to a developing country. Inadequate transport infrastructure such as roads, railways, bridges, and factories causes a lot of agricultural produce in African countries go waste leading to loss of income for farmers.

Ethnic Conflicts in Africa; Okwudiba Nnoli ed. To effectively do this, African countries must show enough political will and commitment to building regional institutions and policies that will be well implemented in their respective countries.

Thus, immediately African countries earned their independence, they had to continue with the trade routes established by their colonial masters during the colonial period. Income from oil and drinking water and a small population give Libya one of the highest per capita GDPs in Africa.

Colonialism ended in Africa more than three decades ago. In other words, it was feasible to divide ethnic groups and pit them against each other so that they could focus their energies on fighting one another rather than overthrowing colonial governments.

In some instances, the strict conditions attached to those policies only end up worsening the situation of the people. The leaders of these African states knew little or nothing about how the international trade system operates and thus were caught unprepared.

It is predicted that the numbers will rise further and possibly reach 1. Such situation changed after the Revolutionary Command Council headed by Qaddafi came to power on the first day of September and Qaddafi became prime minister. The incidence of poverty in Africa is multifaceted and cannot be traced to one cause.

In order to ensure a wane in the high levels of poverty and inequality in Africa, the commitment of African leaders to openness in administration must be continued and further enhanced.

Below the surface is cruel reality. The curricular in schools especially at the initial years of formal education must focus on shaping the minds of students to be utmost patriotic to their countries.

African countries must provide adequate support and cooperation to the various sub-regional economic blocs on the continent whiles taking bold steps to implement the policies and plans derived from them.

In most cases conflicts bring about poverty. This strategy is aimed at strengthening economic development, redistribution of income as well as socioeconomic opportunities for the poor.

South Africa is ideally a good example of a country where records indicate that economic growth has translated improvements in the well-being of the majority of the population.

These commodities without any added value to them attract the least of prices on the trade market and leave African countries having less income to accrue from their numerous exports.

Provision of infrastructure must gain prominence in the economic policies of African countries and backed with action.

Poverty in Africa Paper

The high levels of corruption in the public sector drain much of the resources of the state to a few public officers and politicians rendering many poor people poorer. Many people who would freely move into agriculture in Africa lack the needed support.

Libya achieved independence on December 24,in the middle of the Cold War.

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As mentioned earlier, there should be enough commitment by African leaders to develop physical infrastructure which ultimately will promote regional trade and integration.kaleiseminari.com is a platform for academics to share research papers.

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Poverty in Africa More than million people fall asleep starving every day, and million of those are only children. Poverty is a global crisis, something that affects many in a horrible way.

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South Africa from has experienced an average growth rate of approximately % indicating that there is an improvement in reducing the poverty level in the country. The incidence of poverty in South Africa has declined by 5% resulting in general robust regarding growth and development.

Poverty in Africa Step Closer to the End of Poverty Every day deaths are caused by some type of disaster all over the world. Intermittent warfare, disease, and poverty currently plague much of Africa. It is a paradox that the continent that provides resources for the rest of the world is the place with the poorest people in the world.

Africa, far from being prosperous, is the world’s poorest continent.

Poverty in africa research paper
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