Wildlife found in equatorial region

A recommended term in zoogeography, Journal of Natural History, Vol. Equatorial rainforests are characterized by more than 2, mm of annual rainfall.

Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. Amazonian forests develop under a humid climate. Explaining global termite diversity: December receives the maximum rainfall. The distribution of equatorial rainforest. There is a great variety of herpetofauna made up of reptiles such as snakes, lizards, turtles, crocodiles and alligators, and a large number of amphibians such as salamanders, newts, frogs and toads.

Pre-testical spermathecal pores and unusual setal arrangement in the South African endemic microchaetid earthworms of presumed Gondwanan origin Oligochaeta: Equatorial forests are threatened every day by practices such as agriculture, livestock, logging and mining.

Rage, Paleobiogeography of Africa: Most trees are hardwood. Shallow root due to water and nutrients are found in the top layer of the soil. It meets the Atlantic Ocean in the Belem region of Brazil. Hudson, Regional patterns of diversity and estimates of global insect species richness.

The tree grows between 40 and 48 m to capture direct sunlight. The orchids are very diverse in the forest of Madagascar reaching almost species, being the most remarkable species the Agraecum sesquisedale Of white flower.

Under the canopy we can find the underbrush where the sunlight is also limited.

Which Are The Animals Found In The Equatorial Region?

The climate is more varied than that of the Amazon jungle, fluctuating from tropical to subtropical. Over 14, known plant species reside within the Amazon region alone. The average temperature of the rainforest is maintained between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius.

Ground layer— ferns, mosses, fungi and other small plants are found here because they do not need much sunlight to grow. The distribution of equatorial rainforest. There are several different types of animals that can be found in the equatorial jungle.

Tropical rainforests are unique in the enormous variety of species which inhabit them. Canopy layer— Tall trees in this layer are called canopy tree.

Wildlife of Equatorial Guinea

Emergent layer— the uppermost layer where the tallest trees rise above the rest. From Individuals to EcosystemsWiley-Blackwell pp. About species of mammals inhabit these forests, there are also recorded some species of birds and about species of reptiles. In the center of the Basin there are extensive areas of swamp forest and swamp and some of these areas are uninhabited and mostly unexplored.

Due to large-scale deforestation, only 2. Paleobiology; July ; v. Plant-parasitic nematodes in field crops in South Africa. Some of the species types include butterflies, moths, centipedes and millipedes, scorpions, spiders, ants, crustaceans, snails, slugs, worms and beetles.

The climate over most of this region is quite dry. Relative humidity is also excessive.There are many animals which are found in the equatorial region. Among the mammals, the animals include Chimpanzee, Gorilla, Tiger, Sun Bear, Pygmy Hippo, Okapi, Jaguar, OrangUtan, Gibbon, Slow Loris and Porcupine.

Dec 17,  · Equatorial regions are found between 5°° north and south latitudes of the equator. Regions between these latitudes include- Amazon basin, Congo basin, Niger basin and South east Asia.

Here you can see try layers of vegetation in a tropical rainforest of Trinidad. Equatorial Fauna (animals. Equatorial regions are located in a band around the Equator and cover about 6% of the Earth's surface.

They are often in lowland areas and have a climate that is hot and wet all year round. Tropical rainforests grow in the equatorial regions. Dense tropical rainforest vegetation prevails throughout Equatorial Guinea.

Plants & Animals Found in Tropical Regions

There are species of trees, especially palms and hardwoods. There are species of trees, especially palms and hardwoods. Many of the world's most important rainforests lie on or near the equator. Evolution occurs more quickly near the equator and equatorial regions boast some of the Earth's greatest species diversity.

Rainforests are also home to may endangered animals, due mostly to habitat loss. Nov 02,  · TROPICAL EQUATORIAL CLIMATE Location The equatorial climate zone is situated around the equator and cover wide areas in South America, Central Africa and South-East Asia.

Features Typical features of this climate are all year round, high daily and nightly temperatures as well as heavy rains falling almost every day.

Wildlife found in equatorial region
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